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Looking for a nursing job?
Need good employment?
FOR YOU CAREGIVER is here to help you! The Japanese nursing care industry is short of caregivers.
In recent years, many foreign workers have been hired, but this is still not enough.
Japan is said to be an aging society, and according to figures released by the government, elderly people aged 65 and over currently make up about 28% of the total population.
The number of elderly people is expected to increase in the future, but there is an overwhelming shortage of caregivers.
FOR YOU CAREGIVER aims to be the gateway for foreign workers who want to work in the nursing care industry!
Many foreigners have already started working at care facilities in Japan as CAREGIVERS!
The goal of the FOR YOU CAREGIVER is that foreign workers who want to work in a care facility in Japan find an appropriate job in a good working environment.
Go to the website now, click on the job link, Get the information you need to apply.
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