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NO:001Status of residence visa types required for full-time care givers.

Types of Status of Residence

Status of residence visa types that allow work as full-time care worker

In order to work as a full-time care giver, you must have a status of residence that allows you to work in Japan.
These are currently the types of status of residence that allow foreigners to work as caregivers in Japan.
●Permanent Resident
●Spouse or Child of Japanese National
●Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
●Long Term Resident

2:Status of Residence with a Work Permit in Specific Occupations (Working Visa)
●Nursing Care Status of Residence visa type

*Must be a graduate of a vocational school of nursing care in Japan and qualified as a care giver
*To work as a care giver and/or nursing care instructor
*Earn an income equal to or higher than that of Japanese doing the same job
●Specified Skilled Worker
-Those who have completed Technical Intern Training, and have passed the N4 Japanese proficiency exam, and have professional skills in the designated occupation
-Those who have acquired professional certification in their home country