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NO:002What kind of qualification is 【介護職員初任者研修(kaigosyokuin syoninnsya kennsyuu)】?

【介護職員初任者研修(kaigosyokuin syoninnsya kennsyuu)】

What kind of qualification is 【介護職員初任者研修(kaigosyokuin syoninnsya kennsyuu)】?

There are two main types of work that care givers do: "daily life assistance" such as cleaning, washing and cooking, and "body care" such that touches the elderly's body to assist with daily activities including eating, bathing, and using the toilet.
These duties apply to care giving at care centers. Of these, in order to perform "body care", it is necessary to have a nursing care qualification.
Care qualifications range from those that can be obtained in a relatively short period of time,
to those of a more difficult to obtain national qualification.
Among them, this 【介護職員初任者研修(kaigosyokuin syoninnsya kennsyuu)】
is the easiest qualification and can be acquired in about three months.
In other words, it is the “qualification to start care giving”.

What are the benefits of acquiring the 【介護職員初任者研修(kaigosyokuin syoninnsya kennsyuu)】?

1:With more qualifications, salary increases.
2:Learn the theory and practice of care giving to understand how to treat elderly people.
3:It is easy to become a full-time employee. The potential for career advancement for care giver leaders and managers increases provided they have licenses.

What are the qualifications, test contents, and difficulty of passing the【介護職員初任者研修(kaigosyokuin syoninnsya kennsyuu)】?