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NO:003What documents are required before starting work at a care center?

Documents that need to be submitted before starting work:

Documents to be submitted to join a Japanese company as Full-time employees?

【Common examples】
1:Employment insurance card (copy)

Employ insurance card
*If you do not have one, submit a "jyuuminhyou".

2:Pension book (copy)
Pension book
*If you do not have one, ask your local pension office to issue it.

3:Residence card (copy)
Residence card

4:Caregiver certificate (copy)
Care certificate
**Only applies to those who have qualifications.

5:Hanko (personal seal)
Signature stamp

6:Medical Examination (copy)
*In order to work in a nursing care profession, many companies
require a health check before joining the company.
*List of medical checkup consultation items

7:Photgraphs of face 3cm×4cm

8:Bank book (copy)-Bank name, your name and Bank account no.
Bank note

9:Pen and Paper

10:Shoes(no slippers,sandals)

The following documents vary depending on the company.
Fill out the company's required forms and submit.
11:Employment Pledge
12:Details of Commuting
13:Personal References
14:NDA(NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement)
15:Dependent tax deduction report