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NO:004 Medical examination before joining the company

About medical examination

How to get a health check

Before working as a regular employee at a nursing home,
many companies require a medical certificate to be submitted
before joining the company.
There are several types of medical checkups,
but please take a look at"Yatoi-ireji no kenkoushindan"
Yatoi-ireji no kenkoushindan
1:Health check items
●問診調査(medical examination by interview )
●診察(medical examination)-自覚症状及び他覚症状の有無(Subjective symptoms and high symptoms)
●計測(Body Measurement)-身長(Height),体重(Weight),視力(Vision),聴力(Hearing)
●X線検査(X-rays)-胸部X線(Chest X-ray)
●血圧測定(Blood Pressure)
●尿検査(Urinalysis)-尿中の糖および蛋白の有無(Presence of sugar and protein in urine)
●貧血検査(Blood Count)-赤血球数(RBC),血色素量(Hb)
●肝機能検査(Liver Function)-GOT,GPT,γ-GTP
●血中脂質(Lipid in blood)-LDL-C,HDL-TC,TG
●血糖検査(Blood Sugar)
●心電図検査(Electrocardiogram examination)
●腹囲(Abdominal Circumference)
*Please don't eat anything for 10 hours before the examination.
3:Health examination fee
Health examination fees vary from hospital to hospital.
The price of a medical examination in July 2020 is
about 11,000 yen to 14,000 yen.